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Benefiting THE KITCHEN and
Children's Charities in Southwest Missouri

August 16, 2018

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August 16, 2018
5:00 PM

Sertoma Event Center

1645 W Republic Road

Springfield, Missouri

Team Prizes
1st Place $1,000
2nd Place $500
3rd Place $250
Celebrity Emcee Ned Reynolds
Retired KY3 Sports Director
Local Celebrity Score Keepers & Referees
Doors open at 5:00 pm
Trivia Starts at 6:30 PM
Snacks provided
Cash Bar
$300 Team Entry fee
Teams can be from 6 to 10 members
Only Teams will be Accepted
10 Sports Categories
10 Questions Per Category
NO Electronic Devices Allowed
No mobile devices including cell phones, tablets, laptops or other internet-connected devices
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Overview & Rules
  1. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE ALLOWED!!! If a player is seen using an electronic device in any way at the team table during the game, the player will be asked to leave immediately and exit the building. If there is a second offense from a team, the entire team will be asked to leave immediately. If you need to use your electronic device during a round of questions, leave your table before getting on the electronic device. You can return to your team table at the end of the round after the team answer sheet has been turned in. There will be no refund of entry fee money if asked to leave. Our Celebrity Referees will be watching!!
  2. Teams consist of up to 10 individuals.
  3. There will be 10 categories/rounds. Each category/round will consist of 10 questions worth 1point each. There will be four bonus questions worth 1 point each.
  4. Each team will write one answer per question. Remember to write legibly. Answer sheets will be picked up at the end of each round and the celebrity scorekeepers will score each sheet. While the answer sheets are being scored, the correct answers will be given for each question.
  5. Each question will be read aloud by the emcee and appear on the video screen.
  6. Mulligan Coupons are available in a packet of 3 coupons for $30. Basically a mulligan coupon is the correct answer for a question, so write “MULLIGAN” on the answer line when you want it to be the answer. Only one mulligan coupon can be used per category/round and must be turned in at the same time as the team answer sheet. A mulligan coupon is worth 1 point therefore it can not be used to answer a bonus question. Only one packet or 3 mulligan coupons can be purchased and used per team.
  7. 50/50 Raffle tickets will be available for 3 for $5, 7 for $10 and an arm-length for $20 Place half of the ticket in the 50/50 container and you keep the other half. The 50/50 drawing after round 10!! There are also some other raffle items to be drawn from the same raffle tickets.
  8. Breaks of 10 minutes will be after rounds 3, 6 and 9. If you get up from your table during a round you will not be able to go back to the table until the answer sheet is turned in for your team.
  9. The winning teams will be announced after round 10 is scored and prize money will be awarded at this time. 1st prize is $1,000 for the team; 2nd prize is $500 for the team and 3rd prize is $250 for the team.
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FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION contact Michael DeFontes (417) 839-5093 or Email
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